Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Rediscover Singapore - Our Hawker Culture

From the East took bus service 197 and alight at Blk 506 West Coast Drive up the overhead bridge and walk to Blk 503 West Coast Drive that is where the Ayer Rajah Food Center famous for its Indian Rojak but I found there are three stalls all selling Indian Rojak so I decided to take the route that nobody will when they come to this center for its rojak because I went to the stall with no queue. Besides the famous names, there are also various local delicious food with some international cuisine, some may suggest the East versus the West argument you won't be disappointed by exploring this side of Singapore,

Monday, July 5, 2021

Rediscover Singapore - South to North Walk

The idea was mooted by our members Mr Samit from MZ Photography Group formed by our Mentor  Mr Andrew JKT, so the date was set on the 3rd July 2021 and the route to begin at Vivo City bus stop at 6.00am via the Marang Trail up Mount Faber there to catch the first sunrise there. As the sun keeps on rising, we decided to descend down Mount Faber via Pender Road to the main road for our first coffee break and a light breakfast before proceeding along Telok Blangah Road and past the Henderson Wave as we make out way to Bukit Merah and reached Queenstown and Tanglin Halt Road Estate, after exploring for a while we had our second break at the Tanglin Halt Hawker Center and also had some light lunch before we ventured into the green corridor moving north toward our destination, slowly but surely we are on the right track and we reached the Old Bukit Timah Railway Station which is all covered up for renovation and as we crossed the Old Steel Railway Bridge we had out third stop for a coffee break, there a sign stating that we are about 13.3 Km away to our destination as we proceed and we reach the Rail Mall at around 2.30pm and had some food and rest after which we took to the street again through Upper Bukit Timah Road mending our ways Hillview, Dairy Farm, Mandai Estate and finally Woodland by the time we left for home we are about 12 hour or more. 

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Rediscover Singapore - Glass in Bloom

Dale Chihuly Glass in Bloom takes you on a Uniquely Singapore immersive experience of Chihuly's remarkable career an intimate visual journey as art blooms in the magical Garden by the Bay. Installed around The Garden are some of his most iconic artworks including Chandeliers, Towers, Persian, Boats, Sun, Moon, Reeds glass flowers and glass painting and this is his first major gardens exhibition in Asia and we are fortunate that Garden of the Bay was picked as venue partners to showcase his amazing artworks. It begins on the 1st of May 2021 and after the second weeks of the exhibitions, the situation was not favourable as the government announce the Phase 2 HA which limited to a gathering of 2 persons instead of 8 and I hope that by the time it ends in August, things will get better for most of us to visit it again as I had a season pass meant of weekdays only.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Rediscover Singapore - Back to the begining

With effect from the 16th May 2021, our city-state is reverting back to Phase2HA due to an increase of cases pertaining to the Covid 19 in the community. There will be no dining in all the food establishments, only deliveries are allowed, the business sector will be based on work from home (WFH) the amount of person allowed to gather are limited to 2 including private hire service and taxis, public buses and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) are not included. The school are to be home-based learning with effect from today 19th May 2021 till the end of the month. For the time being, all entry to any places should be scan for safe entry with our Trace Together apps or token for now it is advisable to stay home as much as possible in order to ride out the sickening pandemic so everyone stays safe and stays healthy and hope to see you all in after the storm is over.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Rediscover Singapore - Colonial Landmark

The Old Hill Street Police Station is a six-storey building and was built in a neoclassical style that characterised many public buildings in England during 1930. The facade is symmetrically designed with balconies, arcades, columns and rough surface masonry blocks. The building is structured into long thin blocks that surround two internal courtyards, outward, the view from each room faces the street and inward the courtyard. Altogether there are about 927 windows painted in rainbow colours. it was officially opened in 1934 and was the largest government building at that time and in 1998 the building was gazetted as a national monument. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Rediscover Singapore - Sri Murugan Hill Temple

It was at Lam San Village where a plumber spotted a divine structure that resembles a shrine of Sri Muneeswaran and in 1962 with the support of the villagers, many of them are RAF employees who conduct their first puja to mark the founding of the shrine. A year later while clearing the site a fire was started accidentally and spread to the neighbouring huts, a report was made by the landowners and all activities was halted and no prayers were conducted and the place fell into neglect. In 1973 the temple was granted a temporary licence and a month later the temple was registered as Murugan Hill Temple at Sungei Tengah Road, among Hindus it was called Murugan Thirukkundram. The temple had a unique structure, quite unlike any temple in Singapore. There is a basement doubling as a wedding hall  the temple was closed when I visited the place due to renovation, 

Monday, March 29, 2021

Rediscover Singapore - Former Ford Factory

The Old Ford Motor Factory is located along Upper Bukit Timah Road, it is the place where the British Forces surrender to the Japanese on the 15th February 1942 after the battle of Singapore and had since been gazetted as a National Monument in 2006 and converted as an exhibition and archives named  Memories of Old Fort Factory. The gallery was originally known as the Syonan Gallery: War and Its Legacies which was dropped due to the public outcry for the use of the word Syonan. The World War II exhibition was reopened under the new name Surviving the Japanese Occupation on 15th February 2017.